Automatic shades may seem like a luxury, but from an energy-saving and safety point of view, they become necessary. They provide convenience and greater comfort and can be adapted to a wide variety of designs, even existing curtains. In addition, it can be installed from a simple mechanical system to a more sophisticated one, according to the smart home.

First, the automatic shades are modern, functional, and of quality, since they provide comfort to anyone who uses them since they avoid the effort of raising and lowering blinds or curtains manually. All this work will be in the hands of command control since with the press of a button they will open or close automatically.

Therefore, through the operation of remote control or a fixed switch, you can lower, raise, or regulate the curtain according to your needs. In a very simple way, the curtain can be activated by a timer, remote control, sun sensor, and even through intelligent systems.

Likewise, the motors are useful to provide comfort and convenience in your space, for large curtains, or places that are difficult to access. In addition to its great functionality and style, they can be installed in most environments and can be made in almost all types of curtains, awnings, and blinds. So you can have an illuminated place according to your needs, with the best quality and safety standards.


Features of automatic shades in home

Automatic shades for homes are automated systems that allow the opening and closing of the shade thanks to a small motor, activated by a switch. Therefore, it is interesting to analyze the usefulness of:

Decoration: Automatic shades as a decorative element bring elegance, distinction, and personality to the room.

Protection of privacy and security: It is possible that this is one of its most essential functions since they prevent something from being seen from the outside.

Brightness control: The automatic shades prevent direct entry of exterior light, controlling the brightness of the environment.

Temperature control: They can prevent heat loss in winter by creating an air chamber between the window and the environment. In summer, according to the color and material, they help to maintain freshness.

Hygiene: The automatic shades prevent the entry of dust and contaminants from the outside.


All of these benefits can only be achieved by manually operating the blind control devices or, depending on the model, through personal effort. However, the addition of an electrical device allows all of these tasks to be performed at the push of a button on a remote control.


Most frequent doubts with the automatic shades

After analyzing everything that automatic shades can do, you may have questions regarding the installation of one of these systems in your home.

Costs: Home automation systems obviously have a higher cost than a normal curtain, but should be seen as a long-term investment. Over time, this is amortized with the saving of energy, comfort, and safety at home. It is interesting to know that today there are curtain automation systems for all tastes and budgets.

Noise: The engines are very quiet. They must be installed correctly, taking into account the weight and location of the automatic home shades. This will achieve a smooth and uniform operation.

Maintenance: Engine maintenance is very simple. It should only be cleaned periodically to avoid the accumulation of dust on the automatic shades.

Aesthetics: In the simplest models, the system consists of a small motor at the end of a rod where the curtains will be placed. The switch is a box that goes inside the wall, although an existing box can also be used. People with electrical knowledge can install them easily. Otherwise, it is always recommended to hire a competent professional.

Safety: Automatic shades undoubtedly increase safety. In fact, they are one of the most demanded devices.