When “dressing” our windows with new blinds, several factors must be taken into account.


Some of these factors are choosing the right material, knowing the type of assembly and installation they require, and having a good advisory service.


Many are the questions that arise around the installation of new blinds in our home since the variety and composition of these products have increased considerably in recent years. In fact, now it is possible to buy personalized blinds online and receive them at your home, without having to leave your couch.


Also, keep in mind that choosing new blinds is not simply for decorative purposes. It is a fundamental aspect that affects the daily life of those who live or work in the environment. They provide shade and coolness in summer, contribute to insulation in winter, and are foolproof at providing privacy throughout the year.


However, it is highly recommended to inform yourself in depth before making the purchase. Therefore, we explain the most important aspects that you must take into account when choosing new blinds for your spaces.


New Blinds: What they must have

As with other aspects of your house, decorating the windows with the appropriate blinds, especially when they are new, is loaded with several decisions and several aspects that we must take into account.


Blind function

This is the first point that we must take into account when placing new blinds; what function or purpose our choice pursues.


The shape of the window

The type of window, as well as the orientation of the room, are determining aspects when choosing your new blinds.


Keep in mind to keep the length of the window and think about how much sun and light should enter the room; Ask yourself this question, do I need a dark or rather transparent blind?


Light is a determining factor in choosing new blinds

When buying new blinds, it is important to consider the light we need in the chosen space, as well as the degree of privacy we want.


Blinds help you dress any space, so the time you spend choosing them is essential. Take your time, think and you will be right when choosing the right blind for your home or work.


For rooms with little light

For rooms with little light, you should use blinds made of transparent fabric, which are vaporous. Where possible use the color white, this tone expands clarity; Likewise, if you use yellow tones, the effect of sunlight is created.


The color of the blinds and the design

The tone you choose for the wall, as well as the fabrics of the upholstery, cushions, or screens, will set the predominant range and tone for your new blinds. If you doubt and do not know what to choose, it is better to seek advice from expert professionals who will help you solve your doubts and make your choice right.


Although in general, we recommend neutral colors, they never fail. Besides, dark blinds visually reduce the room, while light blinds enlarge it.


Children’s rooms

The ideal for the children’s rooms is the blinds that transmit freshness, in bright colors.


Before choosing new blinds for your spaces, remember…

  • Know what its main function will be.
  • Make blinds an important part of the internal decoration of your space, but also of the exterior of your house or apartment.
  • You can also see its color and design through your window.
  • Choose neutral colors that go with various decorating styles so you don’t have to renew them too often.
  • Blinds, vertical or horizontal are useful and comfortable, dare with them, being simple they give you the challenge of being more creative with the decoration of your spaces.