The use of motorized blinds was no longer a futuristic and unattainable idea. Today, home automation and its cutting-edge technology allow you to modernize your lifestyle by enhancing the functionality of the decoration, becoming a growing trend in architecture and interior design.


Blinds play an important role because they help to set and dress a space, generate plays of light, provide sun protection and allow privacy. Smart design makes the difference.


There are endless possibilities with which you have to think about the installation of interior curtains: roller blinds, traditional, vertical fabric curtains, horizontal wooden blinds, aluminum, you will also find innovative products made with fabric, among other things.


Now, an important aspect that you should know is that if you are thinking of installing blinds, the ideal is to consider from the beginning the use of motorized blinds; since in addition to a visible aesthetic change, the placement of an automatic system will generate important benefits for daily life.


How motorized blinds work

Thanks to home automation, a large part of motorized blinds, or also smart calls, include an automatic programmer through which we can decide at what times they will open and close. It is a simple step that involves high technology and great energy savings.


The different blind motors are key axes to understand what motorized ones are and how they work, because beyond the simple functions, (such as manual drives, through belt, and crank) they are activated by a switch, which is normally wireless. , which allows you to control the blinds of the entire space where they are installed in a single click.


The most sophisticated systems of motorized blinds include the operation of one motor or several motors at the same time and have a support that makes it possible to hang it on the wall.


These systems make each blind to be programmed, if desired, separately through the so-called channels. Each one adapts to the type of space you have, whether it is more or less large, and they become more sophisticated as the size increases intending to provide security and comfort to all corners of the place.



The main characteristics why you should choose motorized blinds for your home are:

  • They are automated
  • They have a motor to perform movement
  • It can be programmed when they open and close
  • They can incorporate solar sensors in order to save energy
  • They include a remote control
  • They provide great comfort and safety


On what occasions are used these types of blinds?

Motorized blinds are often used in cases where manual handling of the blinds becomes difficult or uncomfortable.


It can be very large, very heavy blinds, or when the blind is at difficult to reach heights.


Likewise, motorized blinds are ideal for projection rooms, conference rooms, or show rooms, where they create a surprising effect. They are also often used in relaxation and comfort spaces, such as spaces for aesthetics or meditation.


Advantages of motorized blinds

Different models

There are different models of Motorized blinds. You can choose from the simplest mechanical motors operated by a switch, to the more complex ones that work with radio frequency emitters. Besides, on the market, there are options with manual operation such as chain or cord; or wireless shades that allow you to control the entire home with a single click or to program them individually through different channels.



By automating the closing and opening of curtains, you can choose to open and close at a specific time. This is an important advantage for all family members since by introducing small variations in the movements, you will be able to generate a normal appearance towards people outside the home and thus, disguise the hours in which the family is not present or in the case of the holidays.


Comfort and simplicity

This everyday task will cease to be an effort or topic of discussion for family members since none of them will have to move or interrupt their activities. Also, the installation of motorized blinds does not cause great complications and is easily adapted to homes.