An important element in our homes are the windows because the light enters here, and we can see the outside, they even help to give life to our home, for this reason, is that we want to talk about current trends in interior blinds since they have become An essential part of modern decoration.

So, even with all the advantages that windows can have, many times we need exterior protection and privacy, this is when interior blinds work their magic. Well, with the right choice you can have privacy without preventing the entry of light into your home, in addition to serving as protection from the sun’s rays, preventing the sensation of heat from increasing inside.

Likewise, interior blinds have a great influence on the decoration of your spaces, in addition to the fact that you can use blinds in all places in your home: bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

A tip that we can give you at Designers Resource is that when choosing the interior blinds you want to use, take into account the colors and styles that surround your space. Many times the mistake of overloading colors or patterns is made, causing the opposite effect to what we want.

Therefore, when your walls are painted with very intense colors or have wallpaper with patterns or figures, it is convenient for you to use interior blinds with subdued colors and smooth materials, without apparent texture.

And in the rooms they have soft and neutral tones, you can continue with that line of minimalism or give it an elegant contrast using interior wooden blinds. You can also use some blinds with printed patterns, however, you have to be very careful with the good taste of the fabric.


Types of interior blinds

Translucent blinds

These interior blinds are also known as “solar meshes”, they are perfect for any type of decoration, this fabric is characterized by its resistance, in addition, it is indicated for spacious and open places since it prevents the passage of insects and reduces the damage of the UV rays, as well as allowing you to have a clear view to the outside, guaranteeing your privacy.


PVC Vertical Blinds

This type of interior blinds are the indicated option for your home or office since they are made of a 100% washable material, having only a few minutes of your time to clean them, likewise, they provide perfect brightness management, they are resistant to any weather anomaly. , and we can also find a wide variety of colors and textures.


Roller blinds triple shade

They are the ideal ones if what you are looking for is an aesthetic presence and luxury style, it is adaptable to any environment, they give you comfort, cozy space, and elegance at its best, it is a very versatile blind as it allows the passage of light, a Very clear view to the outside and when closed it gives privacy without totally obscuring the place.


Roller blinds double shade

These interior blinds are a combination of two fabrics, one translucent and the other opaque, it is considered one of the most innovative since it has a mixture of roller blinds with horizontal blinds, this allows us to have greater control of light as the fabrics are They intersperse and give way to light without having to raise the entire blind, they are versatile and contemporary and provide a modern atmosphere to the rooms.


Roller Blinds Blackout

They are practical blinds that allow the total blocking of light, give the environments total privacy, adapt to any type of, are perfect for total and full rest, for the meeting room or TV entertainment, likewise, it is also perfect as a thermal and acoustic insulator and can be found in different materials.