Today, decorating windows with roller shades is innovative. Although its use has been more with offices, many people still prefer the functionality at home. We cannot deny that roller shade is currently at the forefront of decorative trends, and their benefits are important too.

Roller shades protect our home and act by taking care of your spaces from sun damage while letting you be able to see out.

Likewise, the solar screen roller shade is an ideal system to place in large windows, galleries, closed terraces, or in rooms where we want to completely block the action of the sun.

Due to its design, it allows us to decorate rooms with a modern and simple style, achieving a renewed appearance of our rooms, clean and minimal. The roller shade system is a very easy way to operate the blind up and down and its installation hardly takes up space.

Advantages of having solar screen roller shade


Thanks to the materials and technologies used to manufacture the screen fabrics, a high-strength material can be achieved that practically does not change over time. We can use it outdoors and indoors while its quality is not affected. An example of this is that the color doesn’t deteriorate regardless of the weather, whether it is placed inside or outside the house.

Solar protection

A very important feature is that the screen fabric can protect us from UV rays. This quality also helps us preserve our furniture and floors from damage.

Solar protection for windows can help you reduce heat, but cannot block cold. They reduce heat by blocking the amount of sunlight coming into space and making the windows more energy efficient. We also carry specialized solar screen fabrics that have to reflect backings to keep out even more of the heat.

Energy saving

The composition of the shade fabric allows light to enter, but not cold or heat. This is a great advantage because it maintains the temperature of the room and therefore saves energy efficiency. This is due to its PVC-coated fiberglass or polyester yarns.

How to decorate with a solar screen roller shade?

Choices are and specifications are endless:

  • Pick from styles that have a lot of colors
  • Texture
  • Find ones that have more sun-blocking properties
  • Design the room so you can use a solar screen to be able to see out of the window without having to close the blind

Motorized the Roller Shades

Don’t be limited to just regular manual operation.

Cords can be in the way of children or they can be in areas that hard to reach

Work the shades seamlessly with a push of a button. Make them work with Alexa or Google Home.

Super-tall windows


A window at the very top of a second-story entry. The heat blasts into the second balcony and causing the rooms upstairs to be much hotter in the summer times

The Plan:

To give the look and feel that the client wanted we needed to come up with a way not only to get up to that height but also make it so that the shade disappeared. The windows had unique arches at the top but placing the roller shade on top of the arches would have made them seem like eyebrows. We drew up a plan to mount the roller and the fascia all the way to the ceiling away from eye level. The idea was to have the shade just disappear.


With the height of the room and the chandelier in the way we had to use scaffolding to be able to get up to the necessary height.

From there we mounted the shade and all at the top to make it disappear


The client was thrilled that we were able to get everything installed without taking away the look and feel that they were going for.